Petition: Climate Financing For Smallholders!

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Climate justice: Climate financing should be oriented towards the needs of smallholders!


We turn to Frans Timmermans, Commissioner for Climate Protection in the European Commission, with the following message:

Dear Mr. Timmermans,

During the negotiations at this year's climate conference, COP 27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, please advocate for international programmes and financial instruments to focus on the needs of smallholder farmers and their organisations and promote agroecology. Financial resources, training and expert advice in this regard should be made available as unbureaucratically as possible so that small producers can arm themselves against the unavoidable consequences of the climate crisis and preserve their livelihoods.

Kind regards

The signatories


The burdens of the climate crisis are unfairly distributed. Those who have caused it the least suffer the most from its consequences. This also applies to small producers in the Global South.

The petition is part of GEPA's climate justice strategy. We will start the petition on 14.09.2022 for “Fair Trade Week”, it will run until 26.10.2022 shortly before the climate conference. It is a continuation of last year's political action. Read more (in German) at


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The GEPA Climate Justice Focus

GEPA is strongly committed to the climate justice movement - because there is no climate justice without justice in trade.

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